The transplant register consists of an autonomous transplant register office and an independent trust.

An agency will be set up to operate the transplant registry. The agency is in charge of the organisational and administrative groundwork for the transplant registry to fulfil its legal tasks.
The main tasks of the agency are:

  • Establishment and operation of the transplantation register with recording, integration and plausibility check of data from different data sources into one register data base
  • If necessary, requesting corrections or additions to the transmitted data via the trust centre
  • Preparation, recording and moderation of advisory board meetings
  • Reporting to TPG-sponsors
  • Data transmission to the parties involved (e. g. coordination centre, German Medical Association, Joint Federal Committee, transplant centres)
  • Answering inquiries from affected persons and research institutions
  • Conducting correspondence
  • Public Relations

The staff of the agency is not connected in any way with transplantation medicine.

The agency is supported by the advisory board.

Transplant Registry Agency
Gesundheitsforen Leipzig GmbH
Hainstra├če 16
04109 Leipzig
T: +49 341 98 988 350
F: +49 341 98 988 9301


Head of Agency: Martin Grohmann

Medical scientific Manager: Dr. Maria Herberg

Technical Manager: Andreas Uschkurat