The Transplant Registry consists of an autonomous Transplant Registry office and an independent trust office.

When data is being transferred between the data suppliers and the registry, the independent trust office is put in between to pseudonymise the data. As a result, data related to organ donors and organ recipients is anonymised (from January 1st 2006 to December 31th 2016 inclusive – legacy data) or pseudonymised (data from January 1st 2017 with consent – new data) and will then be transmitted to the Transplant Registry.

The trust office is further responsible for the so-called de-pseudonymisation, if requested by those affected. Data-related responses from the Transplantation Registry to the data suppliers also go through the trust office.

In addition, the independent trust is responsible for merging and anonymising the legacy data.

The trust office is supported by the advisory board.

Contact the trust office:

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