The transplant register consists of an autonomous transplant registry office and an independent trust.

When data is transferred between the suppliers and the registry, the independent trust centre is placed in such a way that it serves as a pseudonymisation centre. This means that the transferred personal organ donor and organ recipient data are anonymised (from January 1st 2006 to December 31th 2016 inclusive – old data) or pseudonymised (data from January 1st 2017 with the consent – new data) by the suppliers and transferred to the transplant registry.

Also de-pseudonymization, for example in the case of inquiries from affected persons, is carried out via the independent trust. Feedback from the transplantation registry to the data suppliers also goes through the independent trust.

In addition, the independent trust is responsible for merging and anonymising the old data.

The trust office is also helped by the advisory board.

Here you get to the independent trust:

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