Unlike other countries such as the USA, there is currently no central authority in Germany that collects data on organ donation, transplants, donors and recipients. For the first time the transplantation register collects and links together medically relevant data from deceased organ donors. Thus far this data has been collected in different places and not combined.

With the amendment of the Transplantation Act, which came into force on November 1st 2016, the Federal Government wants to ensure greater patient safety, transparency and quality in transplantation medicine. The aim of the transplant register is to improve the achieved results. In order to gain initial information as quickly as possible, old data will also be included in the register retrospectively up to January 1st 2006 during the start-up phase.

The Central Federal Association of Health Insurance Funds, the German Medical Association and the German Hospital Federation (so called TPG-sponsors) jointly monitor the implementation of the requirements of the Transplantation Act.